Payment Options

Payment Methods

You can use Credit Card or Debit Card of almost all card issuers around the globe, the details are available at checkout of your order.

Consumer Data Privacy Policy

Credit Card or Debit Cards Details are not stored in the MOTIFZ database or server. All sensitive Credit Card related information is transmitted over the internet to the payment processor via secured connection SSL.


All of the MOTIFZ LLC advertised prices are totally inclusive of all credit card transaction charges. All prices are being displayed in AED However, if you have changed the currency, please note that all currency conversions are estimated and the price that you see will be close to the actual price, but not necessarily the exact price of an item. The final price of an item, which is shown on your invoice, is dependent upon the currency selected by you and the prevailing interbank rates at that time.

MOTIFZ LLC does not necessarily have the accurate conversion rates and hence the amount actually deducted from your account might be different from the amount shown on the invoice issued to you.

This AED value is what will be charged to the customer and credited to MOTIFZ LLC ACCOUNTS. Any difference between this amount and the amount on customer's credit card statement is attributed to bank charges/commission for currency conversion as well as fluctuation in interbank rates. MOTIFZ LLC has no comments or control in determining what these charges are and it is understood that the customer will bear these charges.